Personalised Couple Caricature Style B


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Get yourself or your loved one caricatured by artist Prasad Bhat.


Get yourself or your loved one caricatured by artist Prasad Bhat. Capture your smiles in a timeless personalized caricature portrait. Artist Prasad Bhat is featured by many forums as one of the leading and trend setting Illustrators across the globe right now. He uses only Adobe Illustrator as his prime tool of digital art creation and his style of art is called the Vector Art. For customised caricature portrait, the theme and layout will be created based on artistic interpretation combined with inputs from you. You can have an option to include a pet at a Flat fee of Rs. 2,500. Once you confirm, we shall send you an email requesting the following. 1. 5-6 pictures with front view of face and upper body. The better the quality of pictures for artist's study, the better will be the portrait. 2. The entities you mention can be included as text or smaller symbolic references on his/her tee shirt/shirt or the background. 3. The art will cover only the face and portion of upper body as shown in samples. 4. We provide the sources as Illustrator files for your future use. Using these source files, clients can get the portrait prints in any size, variation or on any medium for printing like tee shirts, coasters, mugs or anything! Its VECTOR ART, the specialty of the artist, which is basically Resolution Independent. Blow it up large, or shrink it down small, the details of the artwork will not be lost! :) 5. We also provide a A4-sized laminate of the same artwork upon finalization as part of this service. It comes packaged in an exclusive designer case.This will have provision for hanging and will not require any further framing. For more information you can write to us at

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