About Loose Ends

They say it is the best kept secret in town…this website, where you will find things that are mad, things so much fun that will make you stay on forever, things that make you laugh out aloud, things so quirky you need to ask for ‘directions to use’, things that put a smile on your face. It is rumoured that you will find accessories and gifts of all sorts  –


A quirky notebook or an apron to cook

A crazy mug of coffee or a tray to serve banoffee

A glass to drink whisky to graphics that are risky

All kinds of tees, and all kinds of Tea sets

Something for your garden, or for your cranky men

Whatever is on your list, but with a little twist


Our e-store will curate and create products that are unlike any others available in the market. Our vendors are from near and far, we go to great lengths to curate the best, the wittiest and the most hat ke gifts for you. Be it cushion covers, ashtrays, gifts or just plain ole socks, what you will find at Loose Ends is a refreshingly eclectic look at day-to-day stuff.

Just make sure you don’t leave without exploring all.

Welcome to “Stuff less ordinary!”